Our Work

Human Body Panel


At Triangle, Product Realization is our passion and expertise. Partnering with our global OEM clients, we bring to life a wide range of medical instrumentation and implantable devices at a time when reliable sourcing is more important than ever.

Our work impacts almost every part of the human body demanding a level of precision and quality unlike any other industry. To meet this challenge, Triangle leverages extensive engineering, manufacturing and industry expertise fortified by a robust Quality Management System that synchronizes each stage of the Product Realization process.




Our Commitment

Serving the medical device industry comes with a tremendous responsibility to do exceptional work. Triangle associates embrace this challenge and perform our duties meticulously. In recognition of our Quality and Delivery performance, most of our clients have sourced their products with Triangle for decades.

Client Stories

48 Hours

Forty-eight hours before shutting down for Thanksgiving holiday, Neal Strohmeyer received a call from a client whose current supplier had let them down.

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On the Runway

On a Friday afternoon, Dax Strohmeyer was sitting on the runway at Chicago’s O’Hare airport when he got an urgent text. A doctor needed a custom knee implant replacement immediately.

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Highly Complex

In the fall of 2013, Triangle got a call from a client with a highly complex job. One of the world’s premier medical technology and services companies needed multiple, tight tolerance parts for a device used in ear, nose and throat procedures.

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